Why Do You Write?

This is a good one to read. මගේ බ්ලොගය කියවන අය සමග බෙදා ගන්නට සිතුන මේ සටහන, මේ දිනවල මා ලියන කරුණු වලටත් තදින්ම අදාලයි.



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  2. So this is not relevant to me because my question is “Why don’t I feel like writing as I am “supposed to”.

    • Ha! Ha!! Nothing much to think there Machn! You don’t feel like writing because you don’t feel like (writing).

      Many of us try to live according to the “marking scheme” prepared for them by the society. I believe this is the biggest problem that we encounter everyday. I must elaborate why I re-blogged this note. However, it needs to be done in Sinhala. This is not the right time for it. Have a look later, Henry!

  3. මටත් මේ දිනවල (රයිගමට වගේම) ලියන්න පුදුම උනන්දුවකුයි ඇතිවෙලා තියෙන්නේ. කෝච්චියට නැගලා ලැප් ටොප් එක දිග ඇර ගන්න කම් ඉවසිල්ලක් නෑ.

    නිවෙන්න කලින් පහන වගේ ද කොහෙද?

    • රසික, මටත් ඔය පහණේ සැකය මා ගැන ම පහල වෙලා තියෙන්නේ. ඒ නිසාම, කාලය හා ආසාව තියන මේ මොහොතේ ලියන සියල්ල පළ කරනවා.

  4. I think I know why you are writing these days so much. I can’t catch up with you. You want to publish a book. ha ha
    In a serious note sometimes I have such an urge to write I get very upset hat I don’t have enough time.

    • As Rasika pointed out recently, Jose Marti once said that there are three things every person should do in one’s life; plant a tree, have a son and write a book. I managed to fulfill two ‘commitments’. Now I am trying to complete the remaining task. 

      No Machan, seriously, I got fair bit of time and desire to write these days. Pl. Do not try to catch up with me. This is a temporary window of opportunity (and there may be another reason which I can not disclose).